The Tim Tebow Foundation's W15H program fulfills the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses whose wish is to meet Tim Tebow.

Inside a W15H with Tim Tebow

Each year, the Tim Tebow Foundation creates official W15H experiences by providing deserving children with travel, accommodations, customized daily activities and dining reservations, gifts and one-on-one time with Tim. W15H has granted close to 100 official W15H experiences at many venues including NFL Games, Award Shows, Disney World, SEC Nation College Game Days and more.

In addition, Tim has connected with hundreds of special children around the country as part of our W15H Brighter Days. W15H Brighter Days consist of phone calls, hospital visits, meet and greets at speaking engagements and more.

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What does an official W15H experience include?

Each W15H is customized to meet the child’s needs and includes: Travel for the child and family, accommodation at a 4-star property, gift packages, daily activities and unique dining experiences and special one-on-one time with Tim Tebow for the W15H child and their family

How are the children chosen for an official W15H experience?

W15H recipients are children who are battling life-threatening illnesses. All referrals sent to the Tim Tebow Foundation are reviewed and verified by the child’s lead physician.

How much does an official W15H experience cost the Tim Tebow Foundation?

The expense of each W15H experience varies depending on the location and need of each child; however, the average W15H costs $5,000.

How many official W15H experiences happen each year?

The Tim Tebow Foundation aims to grant up to 20 W15H experiences a year. However, due to a child’s sensitive health condition, a W15H experience can be postponed at the last minute and rescheduled.

Are there any expenses for the W15H family?

The Tim Tebow Foundation pays for all aspects of the W15H experience including travel, lodging, meals, special customized activities and gifts.

How many family members participate?

The number of family members that participate in each W15H experience varies; however, we aim to host the child and three family members on each W15H.

Where do official W15H experiences take place?

W15H experiences take place in various places including football games, award shows, Disney World and more.

How do I recommend a child for W15H?

Wish experiences are exclusively for children who are battling life-threatening illnesses. We receive recommendations though national wish granting organizations such as Make A Wish and Dreams Come True of Jacksonville. Personal recommendations for the W15H program can be sent to, or through the form below...

What are W15H Brighter Days?

W15H Brighter Days are phone calls, meet and greets at speaking engagements, hospital visits and much more. Tim has completed hundreds of these since his college career at the University of Florida and continues to take part in these today with deserving children.

How do I get involved?

The best way to be involved in our W15H initiative is to follow our Facebook Page where we announce each of our W15H participants and allow our fans to offer words of encouragement to them and their families. We also encourage you to donate online or by mailing a check, made payable to the Tim Tebow Foundation, to our secure lockbox at:

Tim Tebow Foundation

2220 County Road 210 W

Suite 108, PMB 317

Jacksonville, Florida 32259


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