TTF Ambassador Highlight: Anna Nickse

August 30th, 2017

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The Tim Tebow Foundation is so blessed to have friends and supporters use their creativity and passion to raise money for our outreach initiatives. Anna Nickse is one of those people. Not only does Anna volunteer for Night to Shine, but she is also one of our very successful fundraisers. We asked Anna to share about her experience with Night to Shine and how she was able to raise $5,925 to support this ministry through her online fundraiser… here’s what she has to say:

February 2017 was my first time participating in Night to Shine. I was drawn to the event because of the concept. It’s “an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs.”

WOW – a prom….tell me more! This event happens ONCE a year. It’s AMAZING. The FINEST of people attend, there’s FOOD, GROOVIN’, the PAPARAZZI come, shoes are SHINED, hair is STYLED, AND there’s an array of boutonnieres and corsages to pick from.

What??? How do I get involved? The TTF website lists the churches worldwide that participate in Night to Shine, so it’s super easy to find a church near you! In early November 2016, I called the one closest to me. Surprisingly, a sweet woman called me back the next day and said, “Oh, my gosh, you’re my first volunteer!!!” She was pumped, and I was stoked!

As a team volunteer at Night to Shine, I reached out to different vendors and friends to see if they would be interested in participating. Everyone exceeded my expectations: 10 pals volunteered, Bed Head donated a ton of products, a local florist made boutonnieres, makeup artists and hair dressers gave their time and talents, and a wholesale flower shop donated the flowers for the corsages. I was/am so thankful for these people – they made things come together! To show them my appreciation I made little bags of candy. Night to Shine was a huge success and such a blessing to be a part of.

Around that same time, a pal asked if I wanted to be on her fundraising team. This enabled us to raise money for Night to Shine. We were able to send friends and family our fundraising page link so they could easily donate.

Since it was close to Christmas, we thought painting ornaments and giving them to those who donated might grab people’s attention, which it totally did!! Trust me, I’m not an artist by any means, but I ran to the local craft store and bought some supplies. Once I completed the ornaments, I utilized my Instagram and Facebook to post away! Everyone who donated either received a hand delivered ornament or one in the mail. Oddly enough, this allowed me to catch up with and see people I hadn’t seen in years! Before I knew it, people had donated $5,925! Wooowoooo!!!

Still wondering if you should get involved? Not sure about the impact you might make? A few months after the prom, I volunteered at a club event for people with special needs. I’m not kidding when I say they were still talking about the prom. They couldn’t wait until next year.

I used to feel bad about asking people to donate, but someone finally said to me, “You know, if you don’t ask, then it takes away the opportunity for that person to be a blessing.”

Listen, I don’t know what boat you’re in right now but I do know you can do this and it will be something that blesses you tremendously. Be bold, step out in faith, you’ve got this!!! Pray, volunteer, donate, smile, and make a difference! Ready…….GO!

Peace, Love, Joy,


If Anna’s story has inspired you, and you would like to give up your celebration or run, sell lemonade, or even make ornaments to send more people to Night to Shine around the world, sign up HERE.

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