The Tim Tebow Foundation Launches Campaign to Fill the Plates of 2500 Children in Haiti

June 13th, 2013

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Today, the Tim Tebow Foundation launched an effort to feed 2500 children in Haiti. The foundation was made aware of an immediate need through one of our Orphan Care partners and we need support to fill the plates of these deserving children.

With a recurring monthly donation of $18, a child in Haiti can receive three meals a day, which include the basic nutrition needed for physical growth and cognitive development. Each child will receive a staple food that consists of rice, beans or grains and a recommended protein such as fish, chicken and eggs.

The campaign aims to raise the funds needed to feed 2,500 children on an ongoing monthly basis. Recurring monthly donations to Orphan Care can be set up easily and securely on the foundation’s website at and 100% of the proceeds from this campaign will go directly to the care of the orphans we serve.

Currently, the Foundation’s Orphan Care outreach initiative supports the care of 1,700 orphans in four countries. To find out more about this and our other global outreach efforts, visit

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