Rythor's Story

January 19th, 2022

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Imagine growing up with a limp and often losing balance while walking every single day. This was Rythor’s life prior to the Tebow CURE Hospital. Since Rythor was just a year old, he’s had a limp caused by a joint condition. And right before the year 2021 wrapped up, Rythor received a life-changing surgery at Tebow CURE in Davao City, Philippines. This is Rythor’s story as written by Ella Abadesco, Tebow CURE’s Storyteller:

“Just like any parent who wants what’s best for their child, I won’t give up, no matter how long it takes, just for Rythor to receive healing,” Mommy Zenny shares.

Rythor is the youngest son of Zenny and Mark Ryan. He has two older brothers named Zean and Ryzen. “I love to play cars and run with them!” Rythor told us his favorite pastime. Rythor was born a perfectly healthy baby but his family noticed that he had a limp when he started walking at the age of one. This prompted his parents to seek medical help, but their journey hasn’t been an easy one.

“We initially went to Cebu City (located in the south-central Philippines) to have him checked by a specialist but we were disheartened when the doctor told us the surgery would cost around ₱100,000 (≈$2,000) since we didn’t have any capacity to pay that amount,” Zenny recounted. They tried seeking help at a public hospital in Davao City instead, only to be dismayed once again since the orthopedic department transitioned to a new batch of doctors who didn’t know Rythor’s medical history and course of treatment.

Thankfully, Rythor was finally led right to our doorstep when his family learned about Tebow CURE during our mobile clinic team’s visit to his hometown last 2019! “I am thankful that my son gets to be one of the beneficiaries of Tebow CURE’s sponsored surgeries. I want him to grow up without his condition getting in the way of what he wants to do,” Zenny tells us, hopeful about her son’s healing.

The medical team did multiple procedures in Rythor’s leg including releasing the tight muscles near Rythor’s hip called the “psoas” and “adductor”. Afterward, the thighbone or the “femur” was shortened, and the hip socket was cut and reshaped. By doing these, the femoral head is placed back again in the hip joint to correct the alignment of Rythor’s leg and address the leg length discrepancy. Thanks to the wisdom given by God to our medical team and to all of you who served as Rythor’s prayer warriors, his surgery was a success!

Because of your giving, Rythor’s future looks very different than it did just a few short years ago. Thank you for remembering him. For fighting for someone who truly could not fight for himself and stepping into a mission that is changing lives.

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