Meet Moms of Night to Shine Kings and Queens

May 11th, 2017

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As a mother, one of the greatest gifts is seeing your child loved, valued and celebrated. A mom of a child with special needs may not experience that gift often, if at all. For the last three years, the Tim Tebow Foundation has been celebrating people with special needs all around the world with a night dedicated to them called Night to Shine. This amazing night not only shows the child how much he or she is loved and valued, but moms are able to delight in seeing their children celebrated as kings and queens!

Seeing my son, Lane, be able to experience this kind of love and having a night dedicated to him brings my heart so much joy! I never dreamed he would be able to actually experience his own prom. Having him be a part of Night to Shine for the last two years allows everyone else to see him as the KING I know he is. He was created in the perfect image of God, and having others able to see this, makes his LIFE worth it!

– Missy Wilson, Lane’s mom

You can give Faith, Hope and Love to mothers all around the world by helping the Tim Tebow Foundation sponsor Night to Shine proms. Partnering with us for just $25/month for a year will send 10 people with special needs to Night to Shine!

Night to Shine is the first special event my son was ever invited to and given the opportunity to be celebrated and loved just the way he is. Having a child with special needs brings many challenges, especially financial challenges. So, when a group of beautiful volunteers come together to provide clothes, food, and a night of fun for FREE, it’s like a tremendous gift from God. The whole night feels like a dream come true.

– Jill Conley, Logan’s mom

We are building a community of people committed to loving and celebrating others. Will you join us? Visit to partner with us.

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