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May 31st, 2016

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“The worst thing that could happen to a child is to have to come to Uncle Dick’s Orphanage, but the best thing that can happen to a child is to come to Uncle Dick’s Orphanage.” – Pastor Stone, Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association Evangelist

The background

This past month, Uncle Dick’s Orphanage welcomed in four new children! Tragically, the parents of these children passed away. Their aunt tried to care for them; however, lacking money and consumed with parenting her own children, it was just not possible for her to provide the life of faith, hope and love that these children needed… The children were brought to Uncle Dick’s by a social worker, and they were accepted with open arms!

Faith, Hope and Love is abundant

It is the goal of the orphanage to provide a loving family atmosphere to all the orphans who step through its doors. Led by Burt & Mama Ray and dorm parents, the needs of these children are beyond met. Here is a little glimpse into their initial few experiences…

After their arrival, the children were immediately given a room, beds and clothes, which caused one child to announce, “Oh, we have so many clothes to wear now!” Life’s essentials provided through Uncle Dick’s include clothing, food, the good news of the gospel, education and more, which many people take for granted. But for these children who have been given so little in their lives, it creates some of the most humbling interactions.

For their first meal, the children were given bowls of rice, and the youngest one indicated that they had never seen rice before. It is heartbreaking to think these four children came from such destitution that they had never seen rice in a country that eats rice at every meal! A few days later, one of the children said to another child, “We are never hungry here.”

After settling into their new home and getting to feel the love and care from Burt & Mama Ray, one of the children asked, “What do we call you?” Mama Ray replied that they could call her Nanay, which in their native Filipino language of Tagalog means “mother” or “mama.” The children said that they never kissed their Nanay and their Nanay never kissed them. Mama Ray had a simple reply to that, “Well, your Nanay is going to kiss you everyday!”

It is clear that our four new family members at Uncle Dick’s are in great hands, but we ask that you continue to pray for their transition into the new home and family. In the coming months, the orphanage will welcome nine new family members as soon as the social worker’s paperwork is complete, totaling 45 children receiving care and life’s essentials… Thank you for your prayers for these amazing children!

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