Madison's Shine-Thru Experience: When You Are Called By Your Name

February 7th, 2022

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Madison got to experience her first Shine-Thru Parade in 2021. Her mother, Pam, describes what it was like to take her daughter through a red carpet and cheering paparazzi along with other special guests:

My daughter experienced Night to Shine for the first time last year. We couldn't imagine how you would ever be able to make the drive-through come close. We made plans ready at home, got our girl all dressed up, and drove down from Jupiter. From the moment I drove onto your property, I was in tears. Madison was shocked to see all the people lined up on either side of the driveway. Once we turned the corner and they got her name, the magic started. Everyone was waving their hands, holding up signs, and shouting out her name! That's right, they were calling her by name how beautiful she was, how special she was, and that God loves her. There is something about hearing your name. It drove me to sob.

NTS-Madison-3.jpgAt that time, we had no idea how everyone knew her name, but she was enjoying every minute of it. I saw later that a name had been quietly placed on our windshield. She was thrilled when they handed her a white rose, her crown, and her backpack. We heard beautiful band music, and then we were handed our dinner.


Madison has gone through a fair share of medical challenges in life. So when this momma heard all the volunteers yelling out her name and encouraging her all along at "Shine Thru," I couldn't control my emotions. I knew that these amazing and giving people could have been on a date night, hanging out with their families, shopping, or just home relaxing after a busy week, and yet, they were there to make my girl feel special. And for that alone, I thank you.


The party continued when we got home for the Virtual Night to Shine Celebration. Another special part was that she was able to invite her sister, brother-in-law, nieces, dad, and mom to join in the fun. 

NTS-Madison-5.jpgIt is truly an honor to celebrate Madison as one of our guests at Night to Shine. Her Shine-Thru experience serves as a great reminder of God’s love for all the kings and queens. The God of the universe knows them, and He calls each one of them by name.

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of the 2022 Night to Shine Virtual Celebration or a local Shine-Thru Parade as an honored guest or volunteer, click here to find the Night to Shine church closest to you! 

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