Lyder's Story

September 23rd, 2020

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An interesting fact about sixteen-year-old Llyder is that his unique name is a combination of his parents’ names: Alexander Sr. and Sally. Both Llyder and his brother, Alexander Jr., were born with a cleft lip and palate. Llyder was able to have his lip repaired when he was four years old, but the family didn’t have the money to get his palate repaired. Llyder is sometimes bullied because of his condition, but he laughs it off and focuses on playing basketball with his friends, John Lloyd and Adrian.

Together with Alexander Jr., Llyder found a chance at healing his cleft palate when his family learned about Tebow CURE Hospital. Llyder’s dad says, “If not for Tebow CURE, we wouldn’t be able to provide our sons the surgery they need.”

Llyder was admitted to the Tebow CURE Hospital on his sixteenth birthday - what a gift! Even though he was first to go to the operating room before his older brother, Llyder was unphased as the nurse prepped him for surgery. While Llyder was in surgery, Patient Ministry Coordinator Mary Ann was able to share the gift of hope and healing found in Jesus Christ with Alexander Sr.

Llyder’s surgery was successful, and after a quick return trip to trim up some excess flaps on his palate, he won’t need to come back to the Tebow CURE Hospital for another few months. Llyder is so grateful for the chance to have his palate repaired, because it means he will have the opportunity to speak and communicate better. It is thanks to your support that his healing was made possible!

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