Jacob’s W15H

May 2nd, 2016

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Jacob’s story…

We are so blessed to introduce you to a true hero and inspiration – 15 year old, Jacob. We first met Jacob briefly while Tim was on set at SEC nation in 2014 and were able to stay in touch with him throughout the following year. With God’s perfect timing, Jacob’s wish to meet Tim Tebow will come true tomorrow!

In 2006, Jacob was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Dysautonomia. His condition prohibits him from eating anything through his mouth, as his body sees food as a foreign object and immediately rejects it. Because of this, Jacob is forced take his nutrients and medication through an IV line that goes straight to his heart in order to bypass his stomach.

For the past ten years, Jacob has shown what true strength really is… as he battles his condition every single day. Because of the constant monitoring and his IV line, Jacob has not been able to live a normal life of a 15 year old. But, we pray that his W15H is a time for him to let loose, have fun and find encouragement!

“I admire Tim for his athletic ability and ability to abide by his Christian beliefs. Tim teaches me to never give up and trust God,” shared Jacob when asked about what his W15H meant.

We are so excited for Jacob and his family to join us May 3 – 5 for his W15H in Atlanta. Jacob’s strength and toughness have already been an inspiration to us over the past year and we cannot wait to share more of his story with the TTF family.

Jacob’s W15H…

Jacob and his family will arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday morning and after checking in to their high-end accommodation, will head straight to Dave & Busters for fun and games… Tuesday will be full of special surprises and activities that we will share across TTF social media accounts.

On Wednesday, Jacob, an avid Atlanta Braves fan, will receive the VIP treatment with a behind-the-scenes tour at the Brave’s home, Turner Field! Jacob’s visit to Turner Field will be followed by an insider’s look at the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience.

On Thursday, Jacob’s W15H will conclude with time spent with Tim that is sure to be filled with fun, encouragement, love and laughter! We pray that this time with his family and with Tim will serve as an encouragement for Jacob and he’ll feel just how much God loves him! Please share words of encouragement for Jacob and his family through her post on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/timtebowfoundation.

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