Incredible Stories from Night to Shine: The Volunteers

March 9th, 2020

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“Night to Shine was such a special night! I arrived excited to make a difference in someone’s life as a buddy, but I’m the one who left with my heart full. No one knew how overwhelmed I already was…that I have my own child with special needs, and it had been a long day at home. No one knew the heartbreak I was hiding behind my smile. Yet somehow, through my honored guest and others, God sent me the exact words of encouragement that I so desperately needed. I am forever a volunteer!”
- From a volunteer at Calvary Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas

“My honored guest could not raise her hand or verbally tell us she wanted to accept Jesus so her parents, teacher, and I said the prayer of salvation for her. After the prayer, a slight tear glistened at the corner of both eyes. Jesus knows her heart and loves her. He demonstrated His love for her last night. I will never forget it.”
- From a volunteer at Radiant Church in Surprise, Arizona

"It was truly an honor to be a buddy at the 2020 Night to Shine. I haven’t danced in over 20 years because I was made fun of once. But I did at Night to Shine, just because my guest wanted to. And it felt great! I don’t sing, but yet saw people with special needs having fun by singing karaoke. I had one guest come up and introduce himself to me who couldn’t speak; but by pointing to his name badge and extending his hand, I knew what he was doing. I don’t ever walk up to people I don’t know and introduce myself, even though I can speak. Last night made me realize there are things I need to work on in my life to have that same passion and desire to live life without fear as these guests do. I am sure you have had numerous people thank you for putting on this event but here’s another – thank you for changing lives, not just for people with special needs, but for people like me who take life for granted."
- From a volunteer at First Christian Church in Huntington Beach, California

“In 2019, one of our former honored guests passed away. Since her passing, her parents have begun attending our church. They said they visited our church first because this is one of the places they remember their daughter being very happy. We decided to ask them to “open” the red carpet this year in memory of her. They were the first to exit a limousine, and walked down the red carpet in her honor.”
- From a volunteer at Northfield Church in Gallatin, Tennessee

“I wanted to share with you how God has continued to meet needs, even after Night to Shine. We had many last minute guests, and were worried all night that the food would run out. Our buffet line was constant, beginning at 5pm. At the end of the night, our food service team let me know we didn’t run out, but we didn’t know how much was left until later the next day. To our amazement, we had so much food left, we called a church member who helps run a local homeless ministry. What she told me brought tears to my eyes. They had been scrambling to figure out what to feed their people the next day, and had resorted to using what was in the freezer. But God allowed us to meet their need. We have no explanation as to why we had so much left over, other than to say God knew of another need and met it!”
- From a volunteer at The Grove in Kingston, Tennessee

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