Incredible Stories from Night to Shine 2022

March 2nd, 2022

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We had a guest who was very excited about attending Shine-Thru, but the week prior to the event, he was hospitalized and unable to attend. He was devastated. The church and his family worked together to find a way to get his gifts to him anyway. His mother sent pictures of him in the hospital, both before receiving his swag and after. The excitement and pure joy on his face was priceless. Although he was unable to attend in person, he was still honored in a big way. - Story of an honored guest at Highland Church of Christ in Cordova, TN

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My husband and I wanted to thank you for putting on this event. I must be honest—two years in a row without celebrating the most amazing night in-person was a huge disappointment. But as we drove through the Shine-Thru parade, my eyes welled up with tears. Being a parent of a special needs adult is very hard. My days are spent in therapy and trying to help my daughter grow, improve, learn what’s appropriate, how to make eye contact and say thank you…the list goes on and on. Sometimes I fail to tell her what is right and good about her. But as we drove through, I felt God saying, “I see her this way—perfect in my sight and loved like no other.” I think I needed that reminder more than she did. - Story from a parent at Horizon Community Church in Galt, CA

12 (1).jpgThis was the first Night to Shine for one of our volunteers who is also a physical therapist. She was so overwhelmed by the love that was shown last night. She was a PT for many of our kings and queens when they were younger and was so grateful to be able to see them 15+ years later. She has since reached out to us about how to start a program at her church for individuals with special needs. - Story of a volunteer at Valley View Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL

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“As I reflect upon Night to Shine 2022, I am once again reminded of the goodness of God. I'm amazed that even during an ongoing worldwide pandemic, kings and queens were honored in more countries around the world than ever before. I am so grateful that He let us be a part of it.

I am also grateful for the host churches and volunteers from the 39 countries who said yes to the call. They saw a need and they met it. They saw individuals whose challenges have significantly intensified throughout the pandemic, and they came together to serve them, to honor them, and to celebrate them safely. I truly believe this is what the love of Jesus looks like. 

As we move into the planning stages of Night to Shine 2023, we do so with great anticipation that even more churches will answer the call and even more countries will be reached. Yet our hope does not lie in numbers. Our hope lies in the promises of the God who called us to this mission, and by His grace, we will move forward as He leads.” 

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