God Met Ropafadzo's Need for Healing

March 1st, 2022

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In most cases in America, if a person has a broken bone, you are sent to the emergency room and referred to an orthopedic surgeon for surgery right away. A few moments later, you are scheduled for surgery and your broken bone will be nothing more than just a part of your medical history. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Ropafadzo, a young outgoing girl from Zimbabwe.

Ropafadzo was playing with a friend in June 2021 when she suffered an accident and broke her arm. Her parents brought her to a local hospital where Ropafadzo was given a cast and was sent home to rest. A few weeks passed by, and Ropafadzo’s mom, Annamaria, noticed that there was no improvement in healing. So, she brought her back to the same hospital where the medical staff replaced her older cast with a new one. Still, there were no signs of healing. 

In Annamaria’s desperation to find the right treatment for her daughter, she found out that the cost for surgery was beyond her means. But God saw Ropafadzo’s need for healing.

 "It was at a prayer meeting where I met a lady who was bringing her child to the CURE Children’s Hospital in Zimbabwe for surgery! She said we would be able to find the help Ropafadzo needed," says Annamaria.

At CURE Zimbabwe, Annamaria was informed by the doctors that Ropafadzo’s right elbow was dislocated, and she would need corrective surgery to reposition the bones back into place. When it was time for Ropafadzo’s surgery, a specialist in elbow surgery, Dr. Basil Vrettos, visited the hospital from Cape Town and assisted in Ropafadzo's procedure.

L3A0175.jpegSince months had passed since Ropafadzo broke her arm, Dr. Brasil and Dr. Tongai had to clear out the soft tissue that had filled in the original location of the bone in the joint. Then, they reset the bone so that her arm could properly heal. 

L3A9691.jpegRopafadzo is now back in the comforts of her home, recovering well, and waiting as her arm becomes fully healed.

L3A0245.jpegBecause of your giving, kids like Ropafadzo get a chance of healing at CURE Zimbabwe. Thank you for remembering Ropafadzo. Thank you for fighting for countless kids and for stepping into a mission that is changing lives.


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