With Courage, We Press On

May 6th, 2020

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By Kelsey McGhee, TTF W15H Coordinator

COVID-19 has been a trying season for all, including the families we serve through our W15H program. Many, if not all, of our W15H recipients are considered high risk for COVID-19 as they often have weakened immune systems or could be immunocompromised. Most of them have been in isolation long before the mandated shelter-in-place orders were put in action. Whether living in a pandemic or otherwise, these families know what it means to be extra cautious in living their day to day lives, simply to remain stable.

Our W15H Family includes some of the most courageous children and young adults you will ever meet! While battling their life-threatening illnesses, they have learned how precious life is. Yet they choose joy and courage despite setbacks, complications, and now a global pandemic. When asked how they keep going, many of them share statements of faith that I find incredibly humbling and inspiring.

I remember T­­­im discussing Philippians 4:13 with W15H recipient Sam Morrison while at dinner one night last fall. It’s a favorite verse for both of them. They talked about how the verse means that even though trials will come our way, we can press on and overcome adversity with Jesus Christ’s strength in us. All of our W15H recipients know hardships and difficulties firsthand, but that doesn’t stop them from living the full life God called them to!

Another example is Robyn Clark, whom many of you may know already. While recently chatting via Zoom, she shared that many see her cerebral palsy as a limitation, but she sees it as her personal platform to reach others. Robyn is not letting COVID-19 slow her down while she is finishing up another semester of college!

Many of our other W15H family members have shared with us how they are pressing on despite COVID-19: two of them are graduating their university programs and will soon enter the medical field, many are finishing another semester with top GPA’s, several are creating beautiful art like TikTok videos and sidewalk drawings, others are taking care of their family by cooking and baking, and some are training for when they are allowed to play sports again. While COVID-19 could be another limitation for our W15H family, I am amazed at how they are using it instead as a platform to serve others through their resiliency.

Right now, we are living in unprecedented times. But we are challenged by our faith to press on regardless. The people of God have been quarantined, but the work of God has not. Join us as we continue the fight for Sam, for Robyn, for those part of our W15H program both now and in the future, and for all the children and families we serve around the world.

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