Alex Mooney's W15H...

October 20th, 2016

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Alex’s Story…

Alex Mooney has been through a lot in her life. Through her battles with cystic fibrosis and not one, but two double lung transplants, Alex has really experienced more than most people ever will. Yet, despite what she has been through, her spirits have remained high and her outlook has remained positive… a truly inspiring young girl.

This week, Alex’s “bucket list will be topped,” as she travels to Arizona for her W15H with her “hero,” Tim Tebow.

Alex’s W15H…

Alex arrived on Tuesday night where she expected to have a calm, unassuming dinner with her family and our W15H coordinator. Little did she know… plans were different than she thought. Their dinner was planned at one of the most exquisite steak houses in Arizona, Bourbon Steakhouse, where Tim made a surprise appearance and spent one-on-one time with Alex and her family!

Today, Alex was treated to a relaxing spa day and additional delicious dining experiences in all before Tim’s Arizona Fall League baseball game tonight where the Scottsdale Scorpions will take on the Surprise Saguaros.

Alex’s W15H will conclude after Tim’s game, which will be followed by some more quality time… We pray that this time with Tim helps her continue her positive outlook on life and that she realizes just how big of a platform she has to share God’s love and inspire others through her faith in the face tribulations!

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