Alexandra's Broken Arm

September 16th, 2020

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Alexandra is a quiet eleven-year-old with an expressive smile and a great tree-climber like many kids her age. One day, however, Alexandra slipped and fell when she was climbing a mango tree.

“I was up a few feet to get some mangoes, but then I lost my grip, fell off, and I hit my left arm on the ground,” Alexandra remembers. Her parents, Albert and Giselle, took her to a local hospital where her fractured arm was cast. As time passed, it became clear the Alexandra’s arm had not healed correctly, and surgery was needed.

We are so thankful that one of Alexandra’s neighbors, a local health care worker, told Albert and Giselle about the Tebow CURE Hospital! There, doctors discovered that the thicker bone in Alexandra’s forearm had not healed correctly. This bone would have to be broken again to heal without deformity. After a wait of almost two months, Alexandra was cleared for surgery. CURE Hospital surgeons broke Alexandra’s arm bone, set it, and installed a surgical rod and screws to hold it together as it healed.

Alexandra is doing well and has been cleared to go home. She’ll take medication for her pain and return in two weeks so doctors can check on her progress. What a reminder Alexandra’s story is to us that sometimes God needs to break us so that we can be reshaped through His healing!

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