Alex Faircloth’s W15H…

October 22nd, 2016

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Alex Faircloth’s story…

“This W15H experience allows me to see past my illness but yet bring to light what I struggle with.”

– Alex Faircloth

Alex is 17 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic, life-threatening disease for which there is no cure. Every day, Alex struggles through a multitude of medications and tiresome breathing treatments just to keep her body healthy. She never once complains.

Rather than complaining about her circumstances and struggles, and always with a smile on her face, Alex uses her situation to reach out to others that are worse off to offer encouragement and love.

“Alex believes that God has a plan for her life, and her faith and determination is evident to everyone around her. She is a sports fanatic and has followed Tim ever since she saw him play with the Florida Gators. (Her jersey number while playing softball is #15 and she’ll wear nothing else!) She admires Tim because of the way he has stood firm in his faith and values… it would mean the world to have the chance to meet him!” – Alex’s mom, Jane

Alex’s W15H…

Alex’s dream to meet Tim is coming true this weekend as she and her family have traveled to Lexington, Kentucky! Alex arrived yesterday to a VIP welcome at a world-class hotel, was treated to a spa experience and a had a special gourmet dinner complete with one-on-one time with Tim. During dinner, Alex and Tim joked, laughed and shared words of encouragement with each other…

Today, Alex is enjoying special access behind-the-scenes of the SEC Network’s hit traveling college football pregame show, SEC Nation! While on set, Alex was given an amazing introduction to the crowd from the SEC Nation crew, which culminated in the crowd chanting her name!

Alex’s W15H will conclude with tickets to the Mississippi State vs. University of Kentucky football game. We pray that this weekend with Tim serves as encouragement to keep her trust in God’s plan, but to also to continue to use her platform to encourage and inspire others.

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