An Adoption Aid Story: Jesus Love Me

July 31st, 2015

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Meet the Richardson family, recipients of a Tim Tebow Foundation Adoption Aid grant! The Richardsons courageously decided to adopt a child with special needs internationally back in January 2013, and after a two-year wait, they found out that they were to become the parents of a beautiful 6-year-old girl, Jada Lebene, from Accra, Ghana.

This past February, the Richardsons traveled to Ghana for their court appointment to officially become Jada’s parents! “The 10 days we spent together in-country were the best days of our lives. There’s not a more beautiful smile in this world than that of our precious Jada Lebene,” agreed Sean and Sara Richardson. “We are so thankful the Lord chose us to be her parents. There is not a more perfect fit for our family. It’s amazing to see how the Lord has put us together… We are alike in so many ways, and that makes us smile even more.”

When Sean and Sarah made the choice to adopt Jada, they understood potential medical complications were a factor, as Jada has struggled with sickle cell disease her whole life. It broke their hearts knowing that she was suffering from this disease without any treatment while in Ghana and they could not be by her side to comfort her.

Following the court appearance, the Richardsons still had months of waiting for the paperwork to process and for Jada to obtain her Visa. Sarah knew she wanted to be with her new daughter through the wait, so she prayed about traveling to Ghana and staying there until she could hold her daughter in her arms on the flight home. Sarah’s travel was made possible in March 2015 through God’s provision and an $8,000 Adoption Aid Grant from the Tim Tebow Foundation.

“We are truly grateful for the Tim Tebow Foundation and all they are doing for Orphan Care,” said Sarah. “If it wasn’t for the foundation’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to go help our daughter during this critical time. Being able to take care of her myself in Ghana meant the absolute world to me and my husband.”

Sarah’s two-month stay in Ghana allowed her to push for Jada’s passport, Visa and the completion of her paperwork, while also giving her the chance to be with her daughter and share God’s love. Jada, who only spoke in native tongue, was taught by Sarah to sing the song Jesus Loves Me. (Watch the touching video here!) This song, sung by Jada, is a beautiful visual of how their time together in Ghana was filled with love, hope, and more than anything, faith that the Lord would provide them the necessary means to travel home!

The adoption process is often long, strenuous and frustrating, but the Richardsons remained hopeful in the Lord through consistent prayer and faith. We are so incredibly happy to share that Sarah’s stay in Ghana officially came to an end July 20, as Jada finally received her Visa and the two headed home to the States! Jada will now receive the medical treatment necessary for sickle cell disease and will have a life filled with immense love with her forever family.

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