Abner is Home!

February 2nd, 2018

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Each month the Tim Tebow Foundation is so blessed to provide a grant to a family that has been called to internationally adopt a child with special needs. These families are relying on God to provide the need, and as donors to TTF, you have a part in meeting that need.

“We knew God had called us to adopt Abner, however one issue we were praying about was how to confront the financial challenges involved in adoption. We feel so blessed and excited to have received this grant from the Tim Tebow Foundation.” - Drew and Laurie, Abner’s adoptive parents

Once a family receives an adoption aid grant from the Tim Tebow Foundation, they join our TTF family and are prayed for on a regular basis by our team. We love to receive updates like this three-week-home update on almost three-year-old Abner…

All in all it has been an absolutely amazing three weeks and we are filled with so much joy to finally have Abner home. He has grown in every way since coming home and gets stronger and stronger as the days go by. He is walking and crawling a lot better than when he first came home, and the amount of words he's learned in just a few weeks is amazing. I really honestly can't keep track of how fast he is learning to speak.

Every day we start by reading Abner three books while we drink coffee. He is very social and loves to go out. We've been catching up with friends over lunch and dinner and bringing him along. He loves bananas, gluten free bread, eggs, grilled vegetables, and falafel, but really does not like hummus. At night we read him Psalm 27 before bed and then sing him an old hymn my dad used to sing to me:

The Lord is in his Holy Temple

Let all the Earth keep silence before him

Keep silence

Keep silence

Keep silence before him

Unlike most kids Abner doesn't like watching TV at all. We tried to watch Finding Dory with him the other day and that lasted about ten seconds. He loves music; we've been listening to a lot of great R & B albums.

God has taught us a lot about His relationship to us through Abner. Having a kid in the house is chaotic. All at once you feel your adult life has been derailed. There are toys everywhere, sometimes there’s food (or worse) spilled all over the front of your shirt or the couch. There's crying and also lots of laughter. But life slows down and becomes simpler in a way, as well. Some things are just not going to get done, and God is showing us that that’s ok. We are so blessed to have this time now with Abner.

God has also reminded me of the verse where He says He knows every hair on our head. I believe this now - I believe it’s literal. To have a child is to know another human being intimately. You know their rhythms and moods. You know the last time they've eaten, you know when they should be sleeping, you know many things about them. But the knowledge we have of our children is but a shadow of God’s deep knowledge of us. We love our children as well, but with our small and imperfect love. God loves us with a depth and complexity that is beyond understanding. I’ve been hearing God’s small whisper to me as I spend the days with Abner, and though the last three weeks my adult mind says, "you've not gotten much done," my soul knows that there has been tremendous spiritual transformation in me by watching this little boy whom the Lord has called me to be a father to. In this we feel so honored and humbled.

Drew, Laurie and Abner

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