90,000 Crowned King or Queen of the Prom at Night to Shine 2018!

February 11th, 2018

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Friday, February 9, 2018, hundreds of thousands of people came together on one single night, all from different cities, different countries, different cultures, but with the same love, in a worldwide movement celebrating people with special needs. At Night to Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, 175,000 volunteers from 537 churches and 33 different denominations across the United States and 16 countries on 6 continents, honored more than 90,000 guests with special needs simultaneously. Now in its fourth year, this unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, ages 14 and older, has created more than a half a million nights to remember, impacting lives across the globe.

“It makes me so emotional to think that starting on the far east coast of Asia and ending on the west coast of America, lives all over the world are being impacted through this single night,” said Tim Tebow, founder and chairman of the Tim Tebow Foundation.

“The beautiful thing is that many of the guests I meet, especially those in other countries, don’t know me for what I’ve done on a field or a TV set, they recognize my name in relation to the party that’s been thrown in their honor and there is no better way to be known. They’ll say ‘thank you for the dance…, thank you for the corsage…,’ but it’s me who is so grateful to them for bringing so much light and joy into this world,” said Tebow.

Here are a few stories that help show what Night to Shine is all about…


Shared by All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, VA

“Our volunteer Dan told us when it was time for the crowning his honored guest had his eyes closed and fingers crossed saying, ‘I hope I get to be king!’ When it was time to crown him, Dan had him open his eyes and while he put the crown on him, he threw his arms up in excitement yelling, ‘Yes!’”

Shared by parents of a guest from Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

“We want to thank you and your wonderful church family for sponsoring last night’s Night to Shine prom. It was beautiful!! From the red carpet entrance, to the gorgeous decorations, to the one-on-one attention my daughter received, to the dancing and karaoke room, to the parents’ room (a great surprise - even a bag of goodies as we left, everything was fabulous!!!) As parents of a daughter with special needs, it warms our hearts to know that there are people who care about those who are usually forgotten or pushed to the side. Our daughter felt importance from her peers, not just from a doctor or someone who ‘has’ to pay attention to her. What a blessing!! We loved the thought that went into the parents’ room too!! Parents rarely get a respite, and your family provided it with grace and compassion. All of the volunteers were cheerful and made us feel welcome. Every detail was addressed!!! Even the gift bag was beautiful!! Again, thank you and your church family for giving our family a night we’ll never forget.”

Shared by Elevation Church in Mississauga, Canada

“Our first guest to walk the red carpet was Hailey. Her mom and dad started to cry as they heard the cheers and clapping from our friendly paparazzi. Hailey’s school was having a Valentine’s Dance but she was not invited, as they could not accommodate her special needs. Her parents were very grateful that we were able to host this prom on the exact same night so Hailey could have the same and even better experience.”

Shared by a parent from Putnam City Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK

“Something I never dreamed I would see, my daughter going to prom. But thanks to Tim Tebow and his foundation, it became a reality at the Night To Shine prom in OKC. And not only did her going absolutely amaze me, but her reaction as well. As all you know, our kids can really have a melt down in crowded areas around people they don't know. Not only did my Brooke have the time of her life, it was the fist time, she ever held hands with a police officer, the first time she ever danced, she actually DANCED!!! (well, dancing for her). I have NEVER seen so much joy on her face, and the fact that we had been going from 3:00pm (for hair and makeup) to 10:30pm… ANOTHER FIRST!!!! As we were leaving she kept telling me, ‘I not tired, I just stay here.’ My heart was overflowing with joy for her. She truly SHINED on that Night! I cannot thank Tim Tebow and his foundation for making a difference in so many lives. It is also so humbling to see how many young people showed up to be buddies. They were truly interacting and showing so much love and compassion. Not to mention all the other volunteers who have poured their hearts and souls into this event, just to bring a little bit of joy to our kids. I can never express how much this has meant to Brooke and me.”


We need your help for Night to Shine to continue to grow so that more people with special needs can know that they are loved and that God has a purpose for them. To help us grow Night to Shine, please consider joining The Movement, our community of monthly of givers to the Tim Tebow Foundation. With every $35 that is donated, you can change a person’s life by sending them to Night to Shine.

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