5 Favorite Moments from the Adoption Aid Process

December 29th, 2015

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Adoption is a gift from God, and TTF is blessed to be able to provide financial grants to families making the courageous choice to adopt a child with special needs internationally. Bringing a child home to their new forever family is incredibly special, so here are our 5 favorite moments from the Adoption Aid process…

Notification of the Grant

We are blessed to be part of a truly special moment in the lives of our Adoption Aid families – the moment the families get word that they are receiving a grant to help them bring their child home. Their trust in God is rewarded as He uses us to provide for these families who are so faithful!

Joining the TTF Family

Family is forever and we treat all of our relationships with Adoption Aid families as an extension of the TTF family. Through consistent communication, support, prayers and celebrating milestones of their child, we remain committed to being a part of the family!

First Time Meeting

The Adoption Aid process is difficult and often very long… but when the family first meets their child, time stops. The stress from paperwork and dealing with foreign governments melts away the moment the family and child embrace for the first time.

The Forever Family Uniting

Thirty-six of the families we support have already united with their adopted children! It is truly a blessed day when an orphan from a still-developing country enters their new home in the US, filled with hope and a future secured in Christ.

Proper Medical Care

Before coming home to their forever family, many children are not receiving the medical care and treatment that they need or deserve. Once they are home with their family, they are able to visit doctors who can assess their needs and provide a proper level of medical care ensuring the best possible quality of life in their condition.

The Adoption Aid program, an outreach initiative of the Tim Tebow Foundation, provides an $8,000 grant to families that make the courageous choice to adopt a child with special needs internationally. Donate today to help unite more children with their forever families.

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