2500 Patients In This Journey

October 2nd, 2018

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In December 2014, the Tebow CURE Hospital opened its doors after more than three years of planning and construction between partners, CURE International and the Tim Tebow Foundation. Almost four years later, we are thrilled to celebrate more than 2,500 patients with you! In honor of this milestone, CURE Philippines Storyteller, Hope Kim, wrote a wonderful letter that we are thrilled to share with you...

"It’s 2 PM in the afternoon and I’m still at my desk waiting for a group of kids to come for surgery. Around this time, I would usually be writing a patient’s story, all ready to be shared before the day ends. However, this particular group of kids that we are waiting for are still approaching the end of their 9-hour journey and are yet to show up on our doorstep.

Three years ago, we officially acquired our license, but it didn’t mean people knew what Tebow CURE was; they had no clue what this “hotel-looking” building was for. I was on a taxi one time and the driver thought that our logo looked like “Chinese characters,” which had him thinking that the hospital was owned by an affluent Chinese man. I told him that he was almost right, except that it was owned by an affluent God.

Many more months into our opening, we have seen many challenges to even getting patients to our clinics. Some weeks would barely see half of our beds full. But in the spirit of trusting God’s faithfulness, Tebow CURE was blessed with a team that was faithful to their tasks. Whether through financing, maintenance, nursing, or even paperwork, we delivered these with a smile. Moreover, the staff has been intentional in sharing what we are about so that word comes out to many kids who are in need of a holistic healing.

Through word of mouth, Facebook shares, radio broadcasting, mobile clinics, and house to house visits, we sought to reach the outskirts of Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines with our message of healing. And, to date, the Tebow CURE Hospital has performed 2500 surgeries!!!

2500 kids whose lives have been changed as they brave through surgeries.

2500 kids met by our local government partners and church pastors.

2500 kids supported by our donors.

2500 kids heard the good news of the gospel.

2500 kids celebrating their new journey of becoming fully healed.

Therefore, I am blessed to soak in this time of waiting. 2500 represents 2500 stories of God’s faithfulness. It’s amazing to witness everyday miracles--partners catching onto our vision, our staff striving for excellence in all aspects of the care we give, the provision of resources and the children who could benefit from these.

Certainly, we are just getting started and we have so many more years ahead of us to grow and improve, but we can’t help but celebrate the milestones that keep us going.

We celebrate our 2500 patients (and more) with you!

If you would like to help us continue serving the deserving children of the Philippines, donate today, or join The Movement, our community of monthly donors today!

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