2021 Ministry Updates: Orphan Care + Prevention

February 17th, 2022

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Adoption Aid

In conjunction with TTF partners, Lifesong for Orphans and Show Hope, 72 Adoption Aid grants were given to parents making the courageous decision to adopt a child with special needs. Though the homecoming for many is still in progress due to ongoing international travel restrictions, 25 children were brought home last year and united with their forever families!

Orphan Care + Prevention

2021 also saw the reach of TTF's impact on orphan care expand into Africa through the formation of new partnerships in Ethiopia and South Africa. Because of your ongoing generosity, children once left homeless or abandoned are being provided every day with life’s essentials and the life-changing truth of the Gospel.

Hands & Feet Project

In Haiti, TTF’s partnership with the Hands and Feet Project helped to provide holistic care for 109 children who are orphaned or abandoned. Throughout the ongoing crises that plague Haiti, from natural disasters, to civil unrest, to extreme poverty, these 109 children are being protected, loved in a family setting, and given the foundation that will enable them to contribute to a generation of change in Haiti’s future.

Lifesong for Orphans & Haiti Deaf Academy

TTF expanded its partnership with Lifesong to collaborate on the construction of two new Faith Hope Love (FHL) Homes on their campus in Bercy that serves children attending the Haiti Deaf Academy. 24 children were given a safe place to live while receiving language acquisition, Gospel-centered education that both strengthens their families and provides hope for their future.


In addition to helping provide new equipment to the myLIFEspeaks LIFE Clinic – which saw over 3,000 patients in 2021 – and LIFE Therapy program for children with disabilities, your generosity has also funded the distribution of food and medical supplies to six adoptive families with 26 total children each month, complete the build of a new home for an adoptive family of seven, distribute Creole Study Bibles, and help provide curriculum to expand the LIFE Buddy program to strengthen families living with special needs.

Back2Back Ministries

The generosity of the TTF family helped to enable Back2Back Mazatlan serve approximately 60 children, including 13 children who live on the grounds full-time, all of whom have special needs. Resources serving the community included two medical outreaches, educational support, and psychological and physical rehabilitation therapies.

Impact Africa

In 2021, TTF expanded its reach into Africa by forming a partnership with Impact Africa, a Johannesburg-based organization dedicated to preventing baby abandonment, rescuing abandoned babies, and providing life-long family care. The foundation funded the purchase and renovation of a new baby home where babies will be received in early 2022. TTF will also be providing a monthly grant to support the ongoing care at the home once open.

All God’s Children

In addition to the new partnership with Impact Africa, TTF officially came alongside a second partner in Africa All God’s Children International, with offices located in Ethiopia. Truly a place of Hope, the AGCI &TTF House of Hope anchors a full spectrum of Christ-centered holistic care for the orphaned and abandoned through strong families programming and reunification, trauma-informed care, adoption placement, transitional support, and government advocacy for policy change. When brought to scale, this new model of care will help break the cycle that has left thousands of children in institutions or living on the streets.

Orphan Outreach

Through a partnership with Orphan Outreach, TTF continued to support the launch of foster care in Honduras. In 2021, 14 children were officially placed into foster families and 59 children were placed into family-based care and those families are in the process of becoming certified foster families.

These stories are real life examples of how your giving is changing lives around the world…


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