2021 Ministry Updates: Children With Profound Medical Needs

February 17th, 2022

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Although COVID-19 continued to make it challenging for participants to travel in person to experience their official W15H, we were still able to provide seven awesome children from around the US, each facing a significant illness, a one-of-a-kind trip to meet Tim and be welcomed into the TTF family.

Our ministry to Children with Profound Medical Needs also expanded on a global level as our partnership with CURE International spread into Zimbabwe and plans were formed for the construction of the Tebow Care Center at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe in 2021.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, lives continued to be changed, even in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

Tebow Cure Hospital 


Ara Jane’s Story    


Before her surgery, Ara Jane had a simple dream. She wanted to walk to her friends’ houses in her neighborhood. But her embarrassment over her limb condition prevented her from doing just that, and even caused her to leave school.  

Born with her legs bent up to her neck, and with little resources and limited medical care available to her, Ara Jane did not see a doctor until she was three months old. Even then, the cost of the recommended surgery was too much for her family.  

Many years later, a local government agency referred her to a Tebow CURE Hospital mobile clinic, and for the first time this sweet teenage girl felt a glimmer of hope.  

The next few months were not easy ones – a major surgery at the Tebow CURE Hospital, a grueling physical therapy regimen, and the challenge of learning to walk all over again made for long and painful days.  

But Ara Jane’s strength and determination would not allow her to give up, and over the last year, this resilient young woman has moved from using a wheelchair, to a walker, to braces on each leg, and now, nothing at all!   

Just a few months ago, Ara Jane turned 18 and celebrated her debut with friends and family. She is now able to walk to her friends’ homes just as she once dreamed. She serves as an inspiration to everyone around her and often shares her story with children in her local community facing similar surgical procedures.  

Thanks to Tebow CURE’s emphasis on treating every patient holistically, Ara Jane and her mother were also introduced to the good news of the Gospel while in the hospital and sent home with Bibles in hand. They have since shared with the CURE staff that they plan to attend a local church as soon as community gathering restrictions imposed by Covid-19 are lifted.  

Please continue to pray for Ara Jane as her recovery continues and as she leans into all God has for her life!   

CURE Zimbabwe

Because of your generosity in 2021, TTF was able to fund 150 lifechanging surgeries for children with profound medical needs receiving treatment at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe! Plans were also solidified over the past year for the construction of the adjoining Tebow Care Center, a place which will enable the physical and spiritual healing of patients post-procedure while tripling the capacity of the hospital to meet the needs of children desperately awaiting surgery.  

“Many kids in Zimbabwe have lived with chronic disabilities for many years without access to care that they so desperately need. These children would be left behind in life without hope that they can live life to the fullest with surgical correction of their disabilities. Our fantastic center here at CURE Zimbabwe will be able to offer this hope for healing.” Dr. Rick Gardner – Chief Medical Officer, CURE International.


In 2021, seven children battling severe illnesses had an unforgettable W15H experience where they were treated to one-on-one time with Tim, special dinners and activities, and some of the biggest football games in the 2021 season!

"It made me feel special. It was the best time of my life. The Tim Tebow Foundation’s W15H program is honestly the greatest thing that's happened to me except for beating cancer." -Grayson Coleman - W15H in Atlanta, GA at the SEC Championship game

These stories are real life examples of how your giving is changing lives around the world…

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