10 Life-Changing Moments from 5 years of Night to Shine

December 22nd, 2018

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We are so grateful for what the Lord has done in transforming Night to Shine into a worldwide movement. As we look to celebrate Night to Shine’s 5-year anniversary on February 8, 2019, here are 10 of our favorite moments from the past 5 years…

“5 years of sharing Christ’s love!”

“5 years of celebrating people with special needs!”

“5 years of families finding church homes!”

“5 years of unity across over 30 different denominations!”

“5 years of communities being changed!”

“5 years of witnessing complete strangers champion for people they did not even know!”

“5 years of restored relationships!”

“5 years of crowning honored guests Kings and Queens of the prom around the world!”

“5 years of a movement that can only be attributed to God and His power!”

“5 years and we’re just getting started!”

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