One of the foundation’s earliest initiatives has been to provide care for hundreds of children around the world who have no family or home to call their own. Spanning Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa, TTF currently partners with organizations already established on the ground in these regions who are impacting the lives of this vulnerable demographic daily, not only through provision for life’s essentials, but also through programming to support families who are considering abandonment due to lack of resources. In addition, the foundation also provides grants for international adoptions, financially supporting families who have made the courageous choice to adopt a child with special needs.

More recently, the foundation has focused on expanding programming specifically designed for orphan prevention. Every day, thousands of children worldwide are abandoned because they are perceived to lack utility and are seen as a burden. By deploying strategies centered on sanctity of life training for international churches and non-profit organizations, education and child care programs that allow parents to work, and respite and counseling for parents unaware of the resources available to them, we are to equipping and strengthening the family unit, ultimately enabling them to remain intact when possible.

Why It Matters

With 150+ million* orphans in the world today, the call to heed the words of James 1:27 has never been more critical. “Visit orphans and widows in their affliction….” is not a suggestion; rather, it is a command. We believe a strong, healthy family unit is not only the ideal environment for every child, but God’s ultimate design for every one, and so we are committed to doing our part in ending this global crisis, one child at a time.

*2019 estimate provided by UNICEF

What TTF is Doing

Orphan Care+Prevention

From our first Orphan Care partnership located in the Philippines, to more recent partnerships with organizations in the Caribbean, Central America, and now Africa, the Orphan Care+Prevention initiative financially supports orphaned children and family preservation programming in seven countries. We are honored to walk alongside the following ministries as they provide physical and spiritual care to children who have been left homeless or abandoned and resources to their local communities that allow families to stay together: Back2Back Ministries (Mazatlan, Mexico), BTEA (Mindanao, Philippines), Down Guatemala (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Ekisa Ministries (Jinja, Uganda), Hands and Feet Project (Jacmel and Grand Goave, Haiti), and myLIFEspeaks (Neply, Haiti). Learn more about Orphan Care+Prevention.

Adoption Aid

In partnership with adoption ministries Show Hope and Lifesong for Orphans, the foundation provides four grants each month to help cover adoption costs and continued care for families internationally adopting a child with special needs. As of November 2020, TTF has awarded 163 Adoption Aid grants, and of those, 112 children have come home to their forever families where they will experience love and hope and be given a chance to thrive. Learn more about Adoption Aid.

How You Can Help


Faith, Hope and Love Changes Lives

You can be a part of the community that is bringing Faith, Hope and Love to children around the world. Through our monthly giving program, 100% of your recurring gift will go towards the children that we serve!

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