Since the foundation’s inception in 2010, thousands of children have been impacted by programs specifically focused on those with profound medical needs. A trip to the mission field when he was just 15 revealed to Tim the significant lack of access to medical care in developing countries and the inability to afford it when it was available. Later on, because of the platform God gave him as an athlete, Tim’s view into the deep medical needs of children expanded as he frequently received requests to visit with children with life-threatening illnesses who desired to meet him.

Today, the foundation is meeting the needs of these children in several ways, including a partnership that built and operates a hospital in the Philippines, respite for hospitalized patients and families within children’s hospitals across the United States and abroad, and a wish-granting program through which Tim reaches hundreds of children with profound medical needs, bringing them into the TTF family to be loved on, prayed over and encouraged.

Why It Matters

Jesus’s ultimate rescue mission was to save the lost, but the Bible also records many examples of physical healing performed alongside the spiritual healing He offered. He did not hesitate or turn away from those with profound medical needs, but instead welcomed them, knowing they needed healing in both body and spirit (Mark 2:17). As we seek to be more like Him and continue the rescue mission He began, we have committed to follow in the path He walked by being the hands and feet that bring healing to a world in need.

What TTF is Doing

Tebow CURE Hospital

Opening in December 2014 in partnership with CURE International, the Tebow CURE Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility specializing in pediatric orthopedic care. The hospital is located in Davao City, Philippines, and is equally focused on the physical healing as well as spiritual healing of patients. As of September 2020, the hospital has conducted over 24,000 patient visits, performed over 4,400 life-changing procedures, and witnessed over 5,000 professions of faith. Learn more about Tebow CURE Hospital.


Since the inception of the W15H program in 2011, close to 100 children and teenagers with life-threatening illnesses have received an official W15H experience. During these all-inclusive experiences, travel, accommodations, dining reservations, customized daily activities, and gifts are provided, in addition to the opportunity to spend significant time with Tim. Though the W15H weekend eventually comes to a close, the relationship with TTF does not; through annual reunions, prayer and ongoing connection, recipients (and their families) remain permanent members of the TTF family. Learn more about W15H.

Timmy’s Playroom

With eleven locations in hospitals across the United States, as well as one more in the Philippines, Timmy’s Playrooms exist as a simple and fun way to bring Faith, Hope and Love to children in need. These rooms, filled with the latest technology, games, toys, multi-media activities and more, allow the children to take their minds off their medical conditions and treatments, and just be kids again. Every room, though customized to fit the form and function of the individual hospital, also contains many football-themed design elements such as a football field floor, goalpost, and lockers. Each room also prominently displays the words of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Learn more about Timmy's Playroom.

Brighter Days

Tim also connects with individuals facing extreme health circumstances as part of the Brighter Days program. Through phone calls, meet and greets, hospital visits, and the like, hundreds of children in need have been supported and encouraged with Faith, Hope and Love simply through time and conversation. Learn more about Brighter Days.

How You Can Help


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