Mother's Day

For just $25/month you can give the gift of Night to Shine to 10 moms and people with special needs.

One of the Greatest Gifts you can give a mom is the joy of seeing their child Loved, Celebrated & Valued.

“I wanted to express how Night to Shine really brought so much happiness, joy and excitement… not only to Katelyn, but our entire family! Leading up to the night, our family and friends all wanted to see the dress, they came to the nail salon and to the hair salon, all to celebrate Katelyn. She said she felt like a movie star during Night to Shine. The love and attention she received was incredible. She will never forget that night, nor will I!”

Nancy Inman, Katelyn’s mom


This Mother’s Day, Give Faith, Hope, & Love to Mother’s All Around the World.

$25 per month donation will give the gift of Night to Shine to 10 moms and honored guests around the world every year.

Meet Moms of Our Night to Shine Guests

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”Seeing my son Lane being able to experience this kind of love and having a night dedicated to him brings my heart so much joy! I never dreamed he would be able to actually experience his own prom and having him be a part of Night to Shine for the last two years allows everyone else to see him as the KING I know he is. He was created in the perfect imagine of God and having others be able to see this, makes his LIFE worth it!” – Missy Wilson, Lane’s mom

"I have not experienced as much pure joy as I did at Night to Shine!  The smiling faces of all our honored guests was an incredible blessing… But to see my daughter, Jamie, all dressed up in her prom wear, experiencing her first prom, her first "date," and her first dance - I thought my heart would burst with joy.  Thank you to the Tim Tebow foundation for seeing a need and rising up to meet it.  Our church was profoundly enriched by the entire Night to Shine experience, and our family was deeply touched by the event." - Patty Leno, Jaime’s mom

“What an amazing evening Night to Shine is not just for our son, but for our entire family! To see my son loved and celebrated for the amazing young man God created him to be is priceless! For that special night he is not seen as a young man with special needs, but as a gift from God who is wonderfully made and created with a plan and purpose!” – Becky Davidson, Jon Alex’s mom

“I feel good every time we are invited for Night to Shine because the children, together with their parents, get to have fun and eat a lot of good food!” – Loy Nabutandiga, Razia’s mom

“Night to Shine is the first special event my son was ever invited to and given an opportunity to be celebrated and loved just the way he is.  Having a child with special needs brings many challenges, especially financial challenges. So, when a group of beautiful volunteers come together to provide clothes, food and a night of fun for FREE, it's a tremendous gift from God. The whole night feels like a dream come true!” – Jill Conley, Logan’s mom

My daughter, Amanda, is the true definition of unconditional love. She radiates joy, is giving, and the spirit shines through her. The anticipation and preparation is so exciting, and I am blessed to have this experience with my daughter. I had the most memorable, inspiring, and spiritual experience at Night to Shine when Amanda was asked to worship with her date on stage in front of thousands. My eyes filled with tears and my heart with pride when she radiated God’s word and love and sang to all the attendees in the church. This moment will remain in my heart, always. - Laura Stens, Amanda’s mom

We are building a community of people committed to loving and celebrating others. Join us!

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