Let people know that you FIN15H STRONG! When everyone else is slowing down at the finish line, you find another gear!

Inspired by one of the life philosophies of Tim Tebow, Founder & Chairman of the Tim Tebow Foundation, and the #15 he has worn throughout his athletic career, the NEW Christian inspired FIN15H STRONG clothing and athletic brand represents that final push to give it everything you've got to the very end and the people who live that way EVERYDAY!

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I pledge to #FinishStrong! I pledge to #FinishStrong in every area of my life no matter the challenge or circumstance. With God blazing the trail, we can always Finish Strong!

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Based on Joshua 1:9, which calls us to be strong and courageous in the face adversity, the FIN15H STRONG line of performance wear allows you to take a stand without compromising quality. Featuring Adidas apparel, you’re able to demonstrate your pledge of persistence on premium apparel such as the Climalite Short Sleeve Tee and their Performance Baseline Tank. FIN15H STRONG features an array of gear, subtly branded with our Foundation’s Faith, Hope & Love logo so you can wear your testimony on your sleeve while performing.

FIN15H STRONG is activewear with a purpose. 100% of all proceeds goes toward the Tim Tebow Foundation Ministry, so you can demonstrate your faith, courage, and strength while also spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to those in their darkest hour of need. You give it everything you’ve got, help that go a little further with the clothing and athletic brand that contributes to your endurance and helps the world.

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